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Workpackage description
This work package is concerned with the progress monitoring inside the project. It aims at assessing the level of achievement with regard to the project objectives outlined, to identify deficiencies and to take corrective actions whenever necessary. The coordinator will oversee the project planning and monitor that tasks are carried out in time and that objectives are reached. The achievement of the defined milestones as well as the supply of deliverables in time will be tools to monitor the project progress.

Consortium meetings will take place every 6 months on a rotational basis at the individual partners’ sites to report the latest results. Relevant representatives from each partner will be required to attend the meetings, to give an account of their work in the preceding 6-months period, and to show how the project objectives are being reached and deliverables being produced. The scope of the meetings is maintaining the project momentum, sharing the latest results among the partners, identifying possible problems and quickly finding solutions. The actions for the following 6-month period will be decided by the Steering Committee.

In order to carry out the progress monitoring and to get performance indicators, an annual review meeting, called by the EC, will take place. In addition to this, the coordinator will deliver the progress reports. These meetings will provide a mechanism of independent assessment of the project and an opportunity for two-way communication.


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