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Structural characterization
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WP3 focuses on the atomic-scale structural characterization of the nano-objects synthesized by WP2 (QDs and NDs), and its correlation with growth conditions and luminescence properties. This work package will provide a valuable feedback for the growth optimization (WP2), as well as an important support for understanding the performance of the transducer structures that are analyzed in WP4. QD size and shape as well as In-content cannot be controlled independently. Their relation is governed by the growth kinetics and the equilibrium between surface and elastic energy – both depending sensitively on the crystallographic orientation. Therefore, achieving a complete nanostructural characterization of the QD and ND heterostructures is crucial for optimizing the growth processes in order to achieve the project goals. Atomic scale information is required in order to clarify issues such as internal stress-strain fields, chemical distribution of atomic species, defects, and interfacial structures that have profound influence on optoelectronic properties. Such information is currently lacking for the proposed material systems. Experimental and theoretical techniques, that form an integrated framework, will be employed for the achievement of the project objectives as outlined in the tasks below:
  • Task 3.1 Nano-scale experimental characterization
  • Task 3.2 Theoretical modelling
  • Task 3.3 Quantitative analysis of experimental results and comparison with simulations


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